Marano Select: Same Product, Same Value, New Name

Previously branded as Mama Francesca, we at Cheese Merchants of America have renamed our foodservice brand of blended cheese products to Marano Select. Marano Select offers the same exact quality and competitive pricing as when the blended cheese products were sold under the Mama Francesca brand.

The Mama Francesca brand will continue to be used in the retail segment of the business and will now represent the premium cheese offered for foodservice, replacing the Cuicina Adolina brand previously used in our foodservice business. Now, all premium, pure grated cheeses will be marketed and sold under this name. 

We have kept our customers’ best interest at the forefront when deciding to change the name of our foodservice blended cheese products to Marano Select. We are hopeful that this change will help to eliminate any confusion and help us to continue to serve our customers high-quality products, with the customer service they have come to expect.

For questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

Our New Brand Name

Marano Select takes its name after the town, Marano, where Nonna Francesca was born and raised. In choosing this name, we continue to honor the heritage and tradition that was the inspiration for beginning Cheese Merchants. Pride in product, family tradition, truth in label, and providing value are all attriubtes to the company's rapid growth!

Foodservice demands vary, depending on the applications, and so Cheese Merchants is pleased to offer a variety of products to meet our customers’ demands. We take into consideration cost management and value, while offering continuous quality. Marano Select costs less, but we are just as proud of it as our top quality cheeses. Nonna Francesca would not have had it any other way!