Cheese Merchants has Moved into a New Facility

Cheese Merchants of America moved into a newly renovated facility on July 1, 2014. Located at 1301 Schiferl Rd in Bartlett, Illinois, this facility is an impressive 277,000 square feet, over twice the size of the 105,000 square foot facility the company moved from.

We anticipate that the new facility will aid with pick-ups, lead to better manufacturing efficiencies, and quicker order turnaround. The new facility will also allow us to begin aging cheese in-house. Cheese Merchants will continue to offer the latest converting and packaging technologies for our quality cheese products.


Our state-of-the-art cheese converting facility ensures the highest quality products.

SQF Level 3 Certified Our commitment to delivering superior quality product starts with our experts sourcing the finest hard cheeses in the world. That commitment extends to our world-class processing facility.

Cheese Merchants of America’s state-of-the-art facility is meticulously maintained and adheres to the highest industry standards and best practices. We’re proud that our fully-audited facility is consistently rated “superior” by third party food safety organizations and is SQF Level 3 Certified.

The flexibility to meet your needs – perfectly

Cheese Merchants plant includes the latest converting and packaging technologies that give us the flexibility to deliver your cheese precisely the way you want it delivered, from fresh wheels to grated, shredded or dehydrated. Our packaging capabilities give you the flexibility to get finished product packaged the way you need it, too, whether for manufacturing, food service or retail. And our facility ships as easily across the country as it does across town.

  • High-capacity fresh grating/shredding/shaving production
  • Dry cheese production
  • Shaker line production
  • Segregated shipping and receiving for added food security
  • 18 fully refrigerated shipping and receiving docks

We specialize in the grating, shredding & shaving of hard cheese.


We use the latest technology for our retail dehydrated products.