Our brands or your brands, always excellent cheeses

Whether you’re selling one of our brands, requesting a custom blend cheese, or having us private label under your brand, you’ll always be assured of receiving a premium hard or soft cheese when you order from Cheese Merchants of America.

Cucina Andolina – Our Premium Brand

All of our premium and specialty cheeses are available under our Cucina Andolina premium brand in grated, shredded, shaved or dehydrated styles. Cucina Andolina cheeses are sourced from leading makers, domestically and around the world, and we pride ourselves on being honest about every ingredient that goes into these premium cheeses. Our competition can’t match the quality and flavor of our Cucina Andolina cheeses.

Marano Select

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative in grated Parmesan and Romano cheese, our Marano Select brand is the perfect choice. These cheeses maintain a high-quality taste that still outshines the competition at a more affordable cost. Note that these cheeses do not come in shredded or shaved varieties.

Custom Blends

Cheese Merchants of America will custom blend any cheese to meet your specifications and needs. Whether that’s a 100% pure grated cheese, spice blend, or low cost cheese alternative, Cheese Merchants is your best choice for custom cheeses.

Private Label

Want to sell our exquisite cheeses under your own brand? Simply supply your logo and we’ll create your brand for you! We will private label your brand, whether you’re our largest customer or our smallest customer. We have been private labeling and packaging cheeses since we started, and we’re more than happy to accommodate all your private label needs.