The finest domestic specialty cheeses including Provolone, Mascarpone, Fresh Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Feta and Goat Cheese

When you start with a superb cheese, you can count on delivering the kind of taste you and your customers demand. Our menu of specialty soft domestic cheeses has been carefully selected by our cheese experts to deliver consistently outstanding flavor and quality.

Our excellent soft cheese selection has made Cheese Merchants of America a one-stop supplier

Our long-standing reputation for sourcing superb hard cheeses had many of our customers asking us to help them source quality soft cheeses, as well. Our domestic Provolone, Mascarpone, Fresh Mozzarella, Blue, Feta and Goat cheeses match the high standards we have always maintained for our hard cheeses. We now distribute these excellent soft cheeses in the normal industry pack sizes, making us a true one-stop source. It’s a commitment to delivering a full range of first-rate cheeses that has made us a leading supplier of premium and specialty cheeses across the United States.