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Cheese Merchants of America sources the finest quality fresh Mozzarella Cheese. Our fresh Mozzarella is soft, delicate and has a rich, creamy flavor. Use this cheese as the perfect appetizer for many classic Italian dishes. Cheese Merchants carries a full line of Fresh Mozzarella in traditional sizes including Ciliegine, Bocconcini and Ovoline.  

  • AGED: Fresh Mozzarella is not aged for any specific time    

  • COLOR: White

  • FLAVOR: Sweet, mild, clean dairy

  • AROMA: Typical clean dairy flavor. Free from strong, stale, rancid or foreign odors

  • INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Vinegar, Salt, Enzymes.

  • SHELF LIFE: 35 days from date of manufacturer.

  • ANALYTICAL:  54% Moisture, 45% Fat on a Dry Basis





  • Ovoline Fresh Mozzarella Balls: Egg Size ball packed in water

  • Ciliegine Fresh Mozzarella Balls: Cherry size ball packed in water

  • Bocconcini Fresh Mozzarella Balls: Bite Size ball packed in water

  • Cryovac Logs: (6)-1lb logs sealed

  • Other custom sizes available upon request

Serving size: 1 oz (28g)

Calories: 70 Calories from Fat 50

 %Daily Value

   Total Fat 7g                                    9%

       Saturated Fat 4g                      19%
       Trans Fat 0g                               

   Cholesterol 10mg                         3%

   Sodium 10mg                               0%

   Total Carbohydrate 0g                   

         Dietary Fiber 0g
         Sugars 0g

   Protein 5g

   Vitamin A                                        6%
   Calcium                                         8%


  • Fresh Mozzarella was historically only made with milk from water buffalo in Italy.  Pasta filata is the technique historically used to make Fresh Mozzarella, where the cheese curds are kneaded, then streched and formed into balls, logs or laofs. 

  • Our Fresh Mozzarella cheeses are produced using authentic European recipes and superior ingredients to achieve the old-world flavor and smooth, milkty texture.  


  • Our Cucina Andolina Fresh Mozzarella cheese is produced in the finest USA mozzarella cheese plant.

  • GMO Free and GLUTEN Free

  • Micobial Enzyme

  • Allergen: CONTAINS MILK

  • Kosher

  • A JULIAN DATE is pritned on the tubs/logs and on corrugated box.  The JULIAN DATE is the lot code and serves all traceability purposes

  • Recommended storage/shipping temperature of 33-40 degrees Fahrenheit

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