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  • INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Penicillium Roqueforti, Natamycin. An anti-caking is added if crumbled.

  • SHELF LIFE: 90 days from product date if sealed.  Wheels: 90 days from product pack date.

  • ANALYTICAL:  46% Moisture, 50% Fat on a Dry Basis

  • AGED: Minimum of 90 days or more

  • COLOR: White-yellowish light straw to straw.

  • FLAVOR: Slightly nutty, pleasant, and clean.

  • AROMA: Typical clean dairy flavor. Free from strong, stale, rancid or foreign odors

Cheese Merchants of America sources the finest quality Gorgonzola Cheese. This artisan cheese has been aged 90 days to achieve a vibrant green color and tremendous Old World flavor. Rich and creamy, Gorgonzola is a versatile ingredient often used as a finishing agent for multiple main course dishes and salads.






  • Wheel: 7lb random weight wheel

  • Crumbled: (4)-5lb crumbled, (1)-5lb crumbled, (12)-4oz Deli Cups

Serving size: 1 oz (28g)

Calories: 100 Calories from Fat 70

 %Daily Value

   Total Fat 8g                                  12%

       Saturated Fat 5g                      25%
       Trans Fat 0g                               

   Cholesterol  25mg                         8%

   Sodium 260mg                              11%

   Total Carbohydrate 0g                   

         Dietary Fiber 0g
         Sugars 0g

   Protein 8g

   Vitamin A                                        6%
   Calcium                                         20%


  • Gorgonzola orginates from northern Italy where it's been made since A.D. 879.  Gorgonzola cheese got its name from the town located in the Po Valley near Milan. 

  • Today, Wisconsin produces an Itlian-style Gorgonzola cheese that ripens to a soft, creamy texture and its flavor is more earthy. 


  • Our Cucina Andolina Gorgonzola Cheese is sourced from the finest Gorgonzola cheese manufacturer in Wisconsin.

  • GMO Free and GLUTEN Free

  • Animal Enzyme

  • Allergen: CONTAINS MILK

  • Trans Fat Free per serving

  • Non-Kosher

  • Product PACK DATE is stamped on corrugated box.  The product PACK DATE is the lot code and serves all traceability purposes

  • Recommended storage/shipping temperature of 33-45 degress Fahrenheit

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