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Cheese Merchants of America sources the finest quality Parmesan Cheese from around the world. Our Parmesan Cheese is aged a minimum of 10 months to ensure its sweet and nutty flavor. We offer both imported and domestic Parmesan, which can be grated, shredded, shaved, or dehydrated to fit your specific needs. Parmesan is used for a wide range of cooking applications, especially as a salad, pizza and pasta topper, and as a key ingredient in the world’s best Alfredo Sauces.

  • AGED: Minimum of 10 months or more prior to grating/shredding/shaving and packaging

  • COLOR: Light straw to straw, golden yellowish.

  • FLAVOR: Slightly nutty, fruity, pleasant, and clean

  • AROMA: Typical clean dairy flavor; free from strong, stale, rancid or foreign odors​

  • INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Part-Skim Cow’s Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes. If grated, shredded or shaved, Anti-caking agent may be added.

  • SHELF LIFE: Varies per item.

  • ANALYTICAL: 32% Moisture, 32% Fat on a Dry Basis

  • DEHYDRATED CHEESE: Moisture is reduced to 22% or less, product is shelf stable




  • GMO Free and GLUTEN Free

  • Microbial Enzyme

  • Allergen: CONTAINS MILK

  • Trans Fat Free per serving

  • Non-Kosher 


Today, Parmesan Cheese is used as the name which imitates Parmigiano-Reggiano and when used alone, avoids many legal constraints, therefore allowing it to be produced all over the world and it's not protected by a designation of origin. 


South American countries have become some of the leading Parmesan Cheese manufactuers in the world.



Most of our Domestic Parmesan Cheese is sourced from finest Wisconsin cheese facilities. 

Product may be stored/shipped in temperatures between 33-55 degrees Fahrenheit for periods NOT TO EXCEED 72 hours. For shipping /storage of 72 hours or more, product MUST be refrigerated between 33-45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any deviations from these guidelines may affect the product quality/integrity.  Cheese Merchants of America is NOT responsible for product that is not shipped/stored within the specified guidelines as stated above. 

  • Grated: (4)-5lb bags, (4)-5lb tubs, (2)-5lb bags, (100)-10lb bags

  • Shredded/Shaved: (4)-5lb bags, (2)-5lb bags

  • Bulk Grated: 20lb box, 25lb box, 50lb box

  • Reggianito Cheese Wheel: random weight wheels

  • Domestic Parmesan Wheel: 20lb random weight wheel, 20lb random weight black wax wheels, 8oz-10oz random weight wedges

  • Retail Sizes: 8oz Shakers, 1lb Shakers, 5oz-8oz Deli Cups, 1lb Bags

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