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Cheese Merchants of America sources the finest quality aged Provolone Cheese. This classic Italian-style aged Provolone cheese is six months old, with a distinctive, old-world flavor. Our provolone cheese is hand-crafted and is a great addition to an antipasto platter or with a variety of sandwiches and salads.

  • AGED: Minimum of 5 months or more

  • COLOR: White to creamy white with slight yellowish tint

  • FLAVOR: Sharp and piquant

  • AROMA: Typical clean dairy flavor. Free from strong, stale, rancid or foreign odors

  • INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes.

  • SHELF LIFE: 90 Days from invoice date.

  • ANALYTICAL: 45% Moisture, 45% Fat on a Dry Basis





  • Salami Wax and Rope: 20lb, 50lb

  • Mandarini: 25lb

  • Half Moon Wedges

  • Many custom shapes and sizes available

Serving size: 1 oz (28g)

Approx1 in cube
Calories: 100 Calories from Fat 60

 %Daily Value

   Total Fat 7g                                  11%

       Saturated Fat 4g                      21%
       Trans Fat 0g                               

   Cholesterol 20mg                         6%

   Sodium 430mg                             18%

   Total Carbohydrate 0g                   

         Dietary Fiber 0g
         Sugars 0g

   Protein 9g

   Vitamin A                                        4%
   Calcium                                         30%


  • Provolone cheese is an Italian cheese that originated in Southern Italy, where it is still produced in various shapes and sizes.   In earlier times, Italian cheese makers heated curing rooms for Provolone with wood fires, which gave the cheese a smoke flavor.   Today, Provolone can be produced smoked or non-smoked. 

  • Producers originally tied rope around some cheese to hang the cheeses in the curing rooms.  The rope would come handy when people wanted to tie them to saddles to transport on horseback. 


  • Our Cucina Andolina Provolone Cheese is sourced from the finest Wisconsin cheese plant. 

  • GMO Free and GLUTEN Free

  • Animal Enzyme

  • Allergen: CONTAINS MILK

  • Trans Fat Free per serving

  • Non-Kosher

  • Product SELL BY DATE is printed on the corrugated box.  The SELL BY DATE is the lot code and serves all traceability purposes.  

  • Recommended storage/shipping temperature of 33-45 degrees Fahrenheit

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